Inhuman Acts 2: Sable Tales – Noir Anthology Call

Stanley Rivets is on the hunt for more case files. The black sable is searching for stories where cynicism and fatalism reign true among all classes and species. Where morals and values are so grey, the shadows can’t be separated from the light. Tales that are only told in dimly lit back alleys or the dark corner of the bar.

We’re excited to announce the sequel to the Cóyotl winning anthology Inhuman Acts. Send us your anthropomorphic noir stories! Cross genres, be different, go deep. The classics are always welcome, but extra consideration will be given to stories that are not traditional. Regardless of the tale you tell, make it a good one. Have a twist or three. Make jaws hit the floor at the reveal. Noir isn’t always a detective speaking his thoughts out as he solves a case. To us, what really makes a good noir story are characters stretched to their limits, people and animals blinded by their wants and desires, others struggling against unwinnable odds.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Stories can range between PG to R rating.
  • Maximum of 10k words. If you need more than that, please contact me with your story synopsis and why you need more words before submitting.
  • Original stories only. Nothing that has already seen print or been posted online.
  • No simultaneous submissions
  • This is an anthropomorphic anthology so having feral or anthropomorphic characters is must! Don’t look at this as a requirement but as something to give your story some spice and do something different with the genre.
  • Adult and Sexual themes allowed – Graphic sex and excessive violence/gore is not. Make sure it’s crucial to the story if you’re going to include anything sexual. Otherwise feel free to play around and be as light or dark with your story as you wish.
  • We will not accept any stories that portray racism, misogyny or rape in a positive light

Document Formatting:

  • .doc or .docx
  • standard manuscript format – courier font preferred


  • ½ cent/word and a contributor copy

Send submissions to with the subject “IA2 – [Author] – [Story Title]”

Please include a cover letter with the following details:

  •  Author name and story title
  •  Word count
  •  Summary of the story

Follow @TigroxTales on twitter for updates

Submissions are due by Feb 1st, 2019.

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