Cheetahpaws calendar, COVID-19 shipping updates

Cheetahpaws After Hours 2020/21 Calendar

After some delays, I’m very happy to report that we have received our print run of the new Cheetahpaws calendar, and at this time all calendars pre-orders have been shipped!

The calendar runs from May 2020 to June 2021 and includes a centerfold. Now that pre-orders have been fulfilled, we will be filling new orders as they come and orders to distributors.

COVID-19 and shipping update

As some of you may know, we utilize a print-on-demand company to produce our books and comics. This allows us to publish a broad variety of works without needing a minimum number of copies to be printed. However, this means we don’t keep more than a few copies of any one item on hand at our own storage facility, and we frequently place stock orders with our printer or have our printer ship directly to a customer’s location. The only products we have on hand in bulk are the Cheetahpaws calendars.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our printer’s estimated production times have recently gotten longer, and they have already revised this time-frame twice. This means that depending on the items being ordered, there may be a delay in us being able to fill the order.

We normally strive to get orders shipped within two weeks of being placed, but depending on what stock we have on hand and our printer’s situation we may need longer to fulfill your order.

We encourage customers to keep ordering from us and other small businesses in the fandom during this time even if there is a delay in shipping. We do not have sales from conventions while this situation is on-going so we really need your support via online sales on and, for eBooks, so we can keep paying our authors and artists royalties.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

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