Weekend Sale

As you know, we would have been at Anthrocon this weekend and like many furries, we are sad not to be there. So, we’re running a sale!

Save 10% off all weekend on all orders by using the coupon code july2020 at checkout. This code is valid through Monday, July 6th.

A good place to start is our newest additions to the store here: https://furplanet.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=171

Dealing in Denver, Colorado

I saw someone on Twitter asking @DenFurCo about what tax forms they needed in order to sell at their con. Being a first year con, the dealer app did not include this info. Since I’d been a dealer at Rocky Mountain FurCon for several years before it closed down I figured I’d share some info.

Firstly, since the convention is located in Denver, you’ll need a form for Denver Sales Tax as well as a form for Colorado sales tax. This is because Denver is a “home rule” city and collects its own sales tax. The last time we sold there, the sales tax was 7.62% total.

Denver: the form you’ll need is the Denver Sales Tax Special Event Application/Registration, form 571. This form is here and there is a $5 license fee. The last time I did this, Denver does not mail you a license. Your only proof is your cancelled check. The form itself has a tax return at the bottom that you’ll have to fill out and mail after the convention. More info here: https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/treasury-division/business-taxes/special-event-tax-information.html

Colorado: You’ll need to fill out the Vendor Special Event License Application for Single or Multiple Events. The filing fee for this form is $8 for a single event. The link is here. You can file and pay your Colorado sales tax online at https://www.colorado.gov/revenueonline/_/

NOTE: We are based in Texas so our perspective is that of an out of state vendor. These requirements may differ if you are local or already have a Colorado sales tax ID.

I hope this info helps. Good luck fellow DenFur dealers and artists!

Tower and the Fox at AC! (also ROAR 8)


If you are heading to AnthroCon this weekend, have a great time! You will not see me there, but you can purchase my newest novel, The Tower and the Fox, with Laura Garabedian’s lovely artwork (she will also be at AC; go say hi to her and get her to sign your book!) from the FurPlanet table. And while you’re there, check out ROAR 8, which has a story of mine in it (“Personal History”) that I’m quite proud of, which is in fact the story illustrated on the cover by BlackTeagan.

If you’re NOT heading to AnthroCon, you can still get in on the book action. The link above goes to FurPlanet; you can also pre-order it RIGHT NOW on Amazon. Regardless of where you get it, leaving a review on Amazon is super helpful, especially to this first-in-a-series book under a different name. The more notice it gets, the more we’ll be able to build on that for the next one.

Thank you guys for checking the books out, and have a great AC! I’ll make it back one of these years.

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Tower and the Fox at AC! (also ROAR 8) was originally published on Kyell’s Corner