Update on the 2020 Cheetahpaws After Hours Calendar

Update 03/31/2020

Cheetahpaws is close to completing the art and layout.

Once we have the final files, it will take less than a week for our printer to produce the calendars.

The finished calendar will run from April 2020 to May 2021, 13 months.

Late in December, Cheetahpaws had another round of eye surgery to help correct an ongoing issue he’s been having. It took him longer to recover than normal, and so the calendar artwork is still in production.

Because of that delay, we will be making the calendar run from February 2020 to January 2021 so you won’t miss out. (Just like we did with the 2015 Beach calendar.)

And we’re gonna include something extra with the pre-orders, a stand alone print that will be very After Dark.

We are also shipping out any orders that included calendars, and will send the calendar separately once we have them in our paws.

If you would like to pre-order one, here is the link: https://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=1082

Thank you for patience and understanding.

Coming Soon: The Time He Desires by Kyell Gold

After thirty years, Aziz’s marriage now consists mostly of arguing about whether to sell their store to a developer. His wife has a social life, interests and plans for the future, but the pawnshop is Aziz’s connection to his community. And then one day a desperate fox rushes into the shop looking for the honeymoon tape his husband sold. Seizing on this chance to make a difference, the cheetah steps up to help save their crumbling marriage. A gay couple might not show him the way to a new life, but he’s running out of ways to save his old one.

The Time He Desires by Kyell Gold, with illustrations by Kamui.

Coming this December from FurPlanet Productions!

New eBook: The Hero by Teiran

New eBook: The Hero by teiran

First published in 2007, The Hero is now available in ePub and Kindle format: https://baddogbooks.com/?product=the-hero

“The Hero” is a gay fantasy novella which follows Flint, a young
hyena and lowly innkeeper’s servant, who follows his heart and his hopes
to find betrayal, heartbreak, companionship, danger and conspiracy as
he quests for that finest prize of all: the heart of the one he loves.

Flint rises above himself, with the aid of some unexpected friends,
as he faces off against an insidious order of religious zealots and the
prejudices of an entire nation in his simple, honest and pure desire for
the love of his knight in shining armor, the wolf Aldain, Knight of the

Despite its modern alternative romance and the bouts of eroticism, this book is at its heart conventional fantasy.

This title is a work of anthropomorphic fiction for adult readers only.